The success of the Green Break Technology Non-Detonating Safety Power CartridgeTM system results from the harmless generation of gas and ease of use. Florescent coating assists with loading in drilled holes, tunnels and sub surface mining work. Water tightness ensures efficiency to a depth of 40m underwater. Wave concentrators on the tube ensure that energy is focused on to the surface of the rock or concrete, creating a breaking line.

The pressure developed by the Green Break Technology Non-Detonating Safety Power CartridgeTM causes mechanical stress on the rock or reinforced concrete, resulting in the tensile fracturing of the structure. The dynamics of the break can be completely controlled by the operator. GBT cartridges facilitates sequential firing.

  Green Break Non-Detonating Safety Power CartridgeTM Applications

  • Secondary breaking in mines & quarries.
  • Civil construction, demolition
  • Tunneling, box cutting
  • Site clearing
  • Swimming pool excavations
  • Residential, commercial & industrial site use
  • Trench digging
  • Farming operations
  • Dimensional stone dressing and sizing
  • Mining, open case and underground operations
  • Delicate rescue work under ground or in collapsed concrete structures
  • Rock and concrete cutting on delicate structures like dam walls
  • Rock splitting on sensitive road cuttings. Removing over hang and dangerous rocks.
  • Rock cutting close to sensitive services like: water supply pipes, gas and fuel lines, electricity supply lines
  • Concrete cutting in reconstruction of buildings.

 In keeping with the mining theme, Green Break Technology Non-Detonating Safety Power CartridgeTM has numerous applications in the coal mining industry. Many of these benefits are readily achievable and support a less intensive, yet more comprehensive coal mining method:

  • Conventional explosives creates challenges in reducing the quality of mined coal through fines and dust, inadvertently impacting particle size, reducing the value of mined commodity
  • Given the softness of coal, combined with effectively drilled holes, GBT allows one to dislocate large masses of coal for processing and cutting, with little-to-no loss in the form of fines and/or dust,
  • GBT is well suited for use in methane rich environments, and given the safety of the GBT cartridges, allows for continuous mining, without interrupting mining shifts.

By offering tremendous advantages in terms of maintaining coal value, allowing for minimal loss in fines, ease of application of the GBT technology and seamless transportation to processing/washing plant, the Green Break Technology Non-Detonating Safety Power CartridgeTM is well suited for automated mining, where drilling, rock fracture and conveyor belt coal removal can be designed in one unit"  


In any typical mining scenario, the large majority of resource is lost during the blasting process by way of inefficient blasting, fines and dust. Using a typical gold mine as an example, mined ore has gold concentration of between 20-30 g/ton as measured in the ground. By the time ore is blasted and transported for processing, the gold concentration in the ore has been reduced to between 3-5 g/ton (representing a loss of 84%). Large expenditure is then incurred in concentrating the mineral, through various mineralogical processes including flotation and/or gravity separation. In addition, conventional blasting dislocates ore with the mined commodity, resulting in a very large and cumbersome transportation requirement, moving ore and commodity to the processing plant.

Green Break Technology Non-Detonating Safety Power CartridgeTM avoids this complication entirely. Precision blasting allows mining engineers to target blast mineral, leaving rock behind, significantly reducing the transportation costs and requirements of underground mining. By inserting the GBT cartridge at a pre-determined angle to the rock face, commodity can be direction-blasted onto conveyor belts for seamless transportation, reducing the otherwise necessary and conventional requirement for manual labour, needed to physically carry blasted ore onto the conveyor belt for transportation to processing plant.

Most importantly however, Green Break Technology Non-Detonating Safety Power CartridgeTMmaintains the mineral concentration of the ore, as cartridge ignition does not cause any flying rock, fines or dust. This improves the commodity recovery percentage of a mine to previously unachievable levels.

 Explosives used underwater give rise to shockwave vibrations which can be measured many km away from demolition site, which cause significant damage to underwater sea life, coral, as well as structure damage to harbour, ports, traffic, ships, etc. Very often, for these reasons, underwater explosives blasting cannot be used, which is prohibitive to harbour/port construction, dam construction, etc.

Furthermore, underwater demolition is hugely expensive, and always requires heavy equipment to facilitate the expropriation of sea bed rock or concrete.

With the Green Break Technology Non-Detonating Safety Power CartridgeTM, one can precision fracture specific underwater targets, without any damage to underwater sea-life, or structural foundations, with no shockwaves caused. Coupled with the fact that we can achieve sequential blasting underwater which radically reduces blasting time and construction / demolition costs. GBT can be used underwater in highly sensitive areas, as well as for large scale demolition projects.


Booster Charge

  • A solid membrane ensures the water tightness of the Green 
  • Break Technology Non-Detonating Safety Power CartridgeTM.
  • The top lid of the Green Break Technology Booster ChargeTM was designed to fit into the bottom of the GBT cartridge.
  • GBT Booster cartridges of up to 1.5kg - 2kg can be added for use in primary blasting.

Innovative Design

  • Elegant design allows for ease of use, storage and transportation of Green Break Technology Non-Detonating Safety Power CartridgeTM.
  • Florescent coating assists with loading drilled holes in tunnels and sub surface mining work.
  • Wave concentrate technology on the tube on the tube ensure that energy is focused on to the surface of the rock or concrete creating a breaking line.

Non-return Grip

  • The non-return grip design allows the user to use the Green Break Technology Non-Detonating Safety Power CartridgeTM in all directions including: horizontal, vertical, upside down and underwater applications.
  • The top cover was designed to give optimal interaction with the stemming material to create an effective gas seal.



Ballistics Test Data:
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Sustainability in High Methane Environments Data:

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Safety Video 


Green Break Technology Non-Detonating Safety Power CartridgeTM were developed with safety as the foremost concern. Because GBT cartridges do not detonate, there is no fire, flame, spark or explosion caused. Classified by the United Nations with UN number 0323, GBT cartridges are deemed safe for transport, even on a passenger airplane.

Unlike conventional explosives, Green Break Technology Non-Detonating Safety Power CartridgeTMemits no shockwave on initiation, which means that there is no potential for damage to existing surrounding structures, equipment or on-site personal. Because the initiation is very controlled, there is no flying rock, dust or harmful emissions. Due to the proprietary properties of the activating compound, GBT cartridges cannot be used with malicious intent, and after limited training, are very safe to used by inexperienced operators. Read more about the benefits of Green Break Technology Non-Detonating Safety Power CartridgeTM.  

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